Our Story

Adirondack Wood Furnishings was started in the mid-‘80’s by a local special education teacher as a crafts project and fund-raiser for students who have disabilities. They began by making Adirondack chairs, footrests, loveseats, and end tables. The quality of their craftsmanship created such a demand for their furniture that they couldn’t produce enough of it to keep up. So, in the mid-‘90’s, Citizen Advocates, Inc, a multifaceted rehabilitation agency in Franklin County, NY, bought the business.

Since then we’ve added many new products and grown to occupy a 7000 square foot production facility located in Malone, NY, a small town in the northern foothills of the Adirondack Mountains. We ship our furniture to all 50 states and other countries around the world. We also provide our products to several quality retail stores and web-based businesses.

Originally, we made everything exclusively out of premium Northern White Pine. But in 2015, we took our next big step and introduced Generations: our line of Adirondack furniture made from recycled #2 HDPE plastic (you know it as milk bottles). In a way, Generations takes us back to our roots. Our first pine Adirondack furniture was the Lakesider Adirondack Chair, the Footrest, and the Chairside Table. Our first Adirondack Generations furniture items are the Lakesider Adirondack Chair, the Footrest, and the Chairside Table, plus the addition of the St. Regis Rocking Adirondack Chair.

But, throughout our history and growth, one theme remains constant. Although our Adirondack furniture will always be made by people who have disabilities, we want you to buy it because you won't find a higher quality or more comfortable product, with a better price, that's backed by a better warranty or better customer service.

When you need a special gift or an addition to your home furnishings, give us a try. Kick back and do some Adirondack-style relaxing in the most comfortable Adirondack furniture ever designed.