Generations Furniture

What is Generations Adirondack Furniture?

Generations Adirondack furniture is the most comfortable Adirondack furniture ever designed built from recycled #2 plastic (HDPE)-the kind of plastic you know as milk or detergent bottles.

It’s built from the same jigs and patterns we use for our classic White Pine furniture, so you know it’s the ultimate in comfort and Adirondack style relaxing. It's built to last for generations and carries a lifetime warranty so you can be sure it does.

It’s the epitome of relaxation-you put it together, you sit down, and that’s it. You don’t apply finish; you let nature clean it; you store it all year long wherever you use it-rain, snow, sleet, none of the stuff that falls from the sky bothers it.

It’s furniture that cares about the environment, because it’s built from recycled plastic that otherwise would go to landfills. Our manufacturing process makes the most out of our raw materials and every bit of scrap material we generate is sent back for recycling.

Take a look at our products below, then at the details. We think you’ll discover that Generations Adirondack furniture is the most comfortable and highest quality recycled plastic Adirondack furniture you can buy and that we provide the best service and warranty you’ll find anywhere.


We can make most of our products to order, even in custom colors,
perhaps to match your school spirit or corporate identity.
Please call us for details.

St Regis Rocking Chair

Custom Generations Blue Mountain Bench
100% Recycled HDPE


Saranac Settee

Custom Generations Cascade Chair
100% Recycled HDPE


OUR MOST POPULAR ITEMS ARE IN STOCK - we have Generations Lakesiders, St. Regis Rockers, Footrests, and Chairside Tables in stock, in all colors, ready for immediate shipping. We can make most of our other products to order. Please call us for details.

BUILT FROM SOLID RECYCLED HIGH-DENSITY POLYETHYLENE (HDPE) - this is #2 plastic, the type used in milk bottles. Our recycled plastic lumber is a combination of post industrial, post consumer, and industrial by-product materials which would normally be disposed of in our landfills; colorants (pigments); and UV inhibitors. Unlike other products on the market, it has no fillers such as wood fiber or wood flour which can absorb moisture and cause material degradation and color fading.

ASSEMBLED WITH STAINLESS STEEL HARDWARE - all your hardware is 304, 18/8 stainless steel so you won’t have to worry about rust even though you’re not going to apply any finish to your furniture. It may tarnish, but don’t worry, that’s actually the chromium in the stainless steel oxidizing and creating a protective barrier to help stop rusting.

MAINTENANCE FREE - just clean it with soap and water (or leave it out in the rain)! You don’t have to seal or paint it, in fact, as a general rule, paint will not adhere to it. It won’t absorb moisture and will not rot or splinter. It’s resistant to corrosive substances like salts and acids, oils and fuels, insects (like ants and termites), rodents, worms, fungi, salt spray, and other environmental stressors. It will last for Generations.

HAND CRAFTED - you get a one of a kind piece of Adirondack furniture.

DESIGNED FOR COMFORT - contoured backs and seats; closely spaced, narrow slats; and traditional wide Adirondack arms, so you can enjoy hours of Adirondack relaxation.

ROUTED ARMS, AND SEAT AND BACK SLATS - you won’t have sharp edges or corners cutting into your Adirondack comfort.

PARTIALLY ASSEMBLED (except where noted) - it’s easy for you to do the final assembly. We've already attached the slats to the seat backs and bottoms on most of our products. All you need to do is connect the back, bottom, arms, and legs. The bolt and screw holes are predrilled; instructions and hardware are included. All you need is a ½” wrench, a Phillips screwdriver, and a cool drink.

FREE SHIPPING - throughout the continental United States, usually within 1 business day of your order. We ship using UPS Ground, so your order will be 1 to 7 days in transit. Please contact us for shipping costs and methods to Alaska, Hawaii, and international destinations.

LIFETIME WARRANTY - you never, ever have to worry about any part failing.

CUSTOMER SUPPORT FROM SOMEONE IN OUR SHOP - all your questions or problems will be taken care of promptly, courteously, and knowledgeably.