Furniture Care


Here are the instructions for assembling your furniture upon arrival. All required tools are included.


White pine furniture:

  • Although each piece of our white pine furniture is hand sanded, it is unfinished. You must apply the finish of your choice as soon as possible.
  • There is a virtually unlimited variety of methods and colors you can choose, so we recommend that you talk to the specialists at your local paint or hardware store for their suggestions on the best finish for your area and the reapplication requirements for the finish you choose.
  • As a very broad rule-of- thumb, finish your furniture the same way you would finish the exterior of your house or an outside deck.
  • The longest lasting method and the one that will need the least amount of ongoing care is to use high quality exterior grade primer/sealer (to seal the knots) and exterior house paint. We suggest you avoid using flat paints, since they may start to chalk after a while.
  • On the other end of the longevity and care scales, if you want to leave the wood as natural as possible, coat it with 3 to 5 coats of spar-urethane (not poly-urethane, spar-urethane has some UV protection not offered by poly.) Depending on how you use and store your furniture, this method may need some attention every year.
  • In between these choices, you can use deck sealers (solid lasts the longest, transparent the shortest), exterior house wood stains, or interior wood stains that you then top coat with spar-urethane.
  • Again, our best advice is to get advice from a local specialist.

Generations furniture:

  • You don’t have to do anything to finish your Adirondack Generations furniture. In fact, most finishes won’t adhere very well to the plastic, so don’t even bother trying.


Whether you have white pine or plastic Adirondack furniture, you can routinely clean it with mild soap and warm water.

We also recommend that at least one a year you check all the nuts and screws to be sure they’re snug.

White pine furniture:

  • For more a more thorough cleaning, ask your local paint or hardware specialist to recommend a cleaner that is best suited to the finish you chose for your furniture.
  • Depending on the finish, you may need to occasionally lightly sand and touch up your furniture. If you use spar-urethane, you may want to clean, lightly sand, and recoat it every year (at least the parts that are exposed to the weather, like to tops of the arms, the tops of the seat slats, the bottom of the front legs, etc.) This sounds like a lot of work, but it really isn’t-it will take longer to get the materials out and put them back than it will to do the work.

Generations furniture:

  • Your Generations furniture needs no special care. Hose it down or leave it in the rain when it gets dirty. No effort, no problems.


White pine furniture:

  • If you live in colder climates you should store your furniture under cover during the winter months. An unheated garage or basement or an open, but covered porch is just fine. If you use a tarp or similar covering, be sure the furniture is completely dry before storing. In all storage situations, try to set the legs on something that keeps them off the ground or floor.

Generations furniture:

  • Your Generations line plastic furniture can be stored anywhere you want. Just leave it wherever you use it, it’ll be there and ready to go in the Spring.